Connected Capital

Catapult Group provides 360 degree Web3 and new tech investment, advisory and consulting services.

We are an early-to-mid stage venture fund deploying into Web3, AI, and other promising technological breakthroughs. If you have an exciting project looking for investment, please connect with us.


KOAT — Pretium
• Business AI SaaS — anomaly, manipulative and not detection.
• Real time, whole web social media data and analytics to separate real actors from fake.
• NFT analysis dashboard launching Q3 2023, Crypto in Q4 2023, Equities in Q1 2024.
• Alpha Group — currently executing trades with KOAT tools.

• Web3 Infrastructure and Comprehensive Solutions.
• Decentralised Identity, Layer 0, Cross Chain Minting, Push & Pull.
• Solutions — NFT Ticketing, CRM, ID Management, DAO Tooling.

• African FinTech platform monetising invoices.
• Early traction in Nigeria, now enjoying rapid growth.
• Top pedigree VC/PE backing.
• Targeting Nigeria market penetration, expanding through Africa.

Rebel Studios / 3YKON
• World-class MetaVerse and gaming animation studio.
• Top artists and creators from Disney, Marvel, etc.
• High profile NFT project 3YKON, now building future metaverse games.

Catapult Studios

Offering Bespoke Business Development Services & Support for Clients and Portcos.

Capital Introductions & Capital Placement.

Business Onboarding, Brand Management & Community Development.
Bali, Indonesia

• IRL engagement fusing The Arts & Web3, creating Impact NFTs.
• NFT Ticketing and Guest CRM powered by NEST.
• 1000’s of users onboarded, digital art sold, impact projects funded.
• Changing the paradigm of philanthropy from giving a donation to owning a digital asset.

Shenzhen, Hong Kong

• Inbound Web3 investment from Mainland China into HK.
• Localisation and set-up.
• Relationship building with government & industry.

Business Development & Onboarding


Catapult has built and manages some of the most active and vibrant on & offline Web3 Communities in Asia, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali & Tokyo.
Crypto Drinks HK . Crypto Drinks SG . Mural Fest . Bali Collective . WEPA . OffChain Bali . OffChain Tokyo . Web3 Tokyo

Our newest venture, in partnership with Braeside Asset Management, aims to connect the brightest minds and most dynamic players in key emerging tech areas including Web3, AI, Space and more.

Boutique, curated conferences and speakers ensure the highest level content.

Conference side events bring guests the absolute best in lifestyle, F&B and unique experiences you can’t find anywhere else.

Executive Training

Thanks to our strong relationships with so many industry leaders, we offer bespoke corporate training for financial institutions, asset managers and other crypto curious individuals to ensure they have access, exposure and insight into digital economy and virtual assets.